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What is temporary employment for an employee?

It is an opportunity for persons remaining without employment to find a temporary job. For people entering the labour market it is an chance to gain the necessary experience in many companies. It is also a convenient solution for those who cannot be employed full time. It should be emphasised that many employers, after the period of employment on the basis of temporary employment principles, decide to offer permanent employment to the employee.

The employment on the basis of a contract of employment is a trilateral agreement, i.e. three entities are parties to it:

  • the temporary employment agency – it is the formal employer, it assesses and pays out remuneration as well as social insurance contributions and tax due
  • employee – carries out work on the basis of the contract of temporary employment
  • employer-service user – company in which the employee carries out work.

The contract of temporary employment is an agreement with full scope of obligations both for the employer and the employee. It guarantees compulsory insurance, the same as in the case of an ordinary contract of employment, employee medicals, and health and safety training. The period of employment on the basis of a temporary employment contract is included in the credited employment period and is included in the calculation of pension.

By definition, temporary employment is periodic, that is why in accordance with the Act on Employment of Temporary Personnel of 9 July 2003 the total period of employment of a temporary employee with one employer-service user may not exceed 18 months in the period of subsequent 36 months.



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