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HR and payroll outsourcing

This means moving specific areas outside the company. In the case of a Temporary Employment Agency, this encompasses:

  • payroll and HR administration,
  • employment and HR and payroll services for temporary employees

The outsourcing of HR services means convenience and time saving. The assignment of the HR function to the specialised entity, i.e. the Timberworks Employment Agency, provides access to the specialist knowledge and modern tools without involving the company’s own resources.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The outsourcing of HR services means convenience and time saving, knowledge of the industry and competitors provided by a specialised entity, i.e. the employment agency, access to specialist knowledge and HR management tools, quicker access to candidates due to similar recruitment projects conducted, and the continuously updated database, guarantee in the case of unsuccessful recruitment, load taken off the HR department in the company by transferring candidate recruitment, selection and  verification processes to an external entity;




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