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Personnel recruitment 

Our specialists conduct recruitment in many sectors and for all job levels, from manual labourers to managerial positions.

We have extensive experience, we are flexible and we adjust our work to the specific nature of each order.

Our recruitment process consists of:

  • recruitment order submitted by the Client
  • identification of characteristics of candidates sought, development of the candidate profile
  • analysis of the CV Database from the point of view of employees sought
  • editing of an advertisement and its publication
  • selection of CVs and meetings with Candidates
  • recommendations of selected persons to the Client – decisions concerning employment.

If the recruitment is connected with the employment of candidates on the basis of a temporary employment contact, our HR Department takes over the HR and payroll administration task.

We recruit employees using traditional methods, using business portals, but we also apply the Direct Search method. In exceptional situations, we conduct remote recruitment using modern technologies. Moreover, we use an extensive network of recommendations and contacts.

The meetings with Candidates are held using a specially constructed interview. We also prepare content-based tests, work samples and the Assessment Centre.

Each of the above methods is aimed at verifying the Candidates predispositions to take the job in question.


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