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How to safely travel to work abroad

Poles, as EU citizens, may take up work with foreign employers, They have full freedom in selecting the employer, however terms of employment are usually determined by the law in the given country or the EU. Only persons employed in the District Job Agency (PUP) as unemployed must notify PUP of the fact before going abroad.

Each year around 100,000 persons use the services of private employment agencies, such as the Employment Agency. Poles leaving abroad want to get a new job, new qualifications, and to improve their living standards.

The Timberworks Employment Agency does it utmost to make the travel abroad safe and satisfactory. Unfortunately, information keeps appearing about activities of illegal (dishonest) agents offering work abroad, who frequently, by wishing to lend credence to their offer, involve public employment services in the recruitment process. That is why we recommend checking who the agent offering employment is. They most certainly should have current and real address, already completed recruitment projects to their credit, a certificate issued to an Employment Agency. The register of employment agencies is maintained by the office of the Voivodship Marshal. Only agencies form the EU states, the European Economic Area and Switzerland are not obliged to hold the certificate. They are only obliged to provide information about their operations.

Remember: never agree to travel without having signed a contract!

Before the employee leaves, a contract containing all important details, such as the name of the employer and address data, remuneration, scope of duties, insurance, refundable expenses, should be concluded between the employee and the Agency.

Also, please remember than an employment agency may not collect any charges for intermediation and finding employment. In accordance with Article 85 (2) (7) of the Act on Promotion of Employment and Labour Market Institutions of 20 April 2004, only some costs may be refunded by the employee, e.g. costs of flight, medical tests, translation of documents.

When going abroad, independently or through an Agency, always collect the necessary information about the place of employment, law in force, culture and values. The costs of possible treatment, commute or even costs of everyday existence will be relevant, which will let you realise whether the proposed wage will cover all your needs. Sometimes a seemingly interesting remuneration offered may not be so in comparison with the costs of living abroad.

Remember to leave your current contact details and take current addresses of Polish diplomatic outposts with you. Find out in what situations and where you could obtain the necessary assistance. Take the required insurance documents and an identity document.

We wish you successful and satisfactory employment.

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