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What advantages are there for an employer in using Timberworks temporary employees?

  • Fulfilment of the process rationalisation requirement and minimising operating costs;
  • Personnel costs taken care of externally - settlement on the basis of a VAT invoice;
  • Short notice periods - regardless of employment period;
  • No obligation to grant holiday leave during the initial 6 months of the temporary   employee's work;
  • Operating costs optimisation;
  • Reduction of overall labour costs and an increase in flexibility by adapting the employment structure to the current needs of the company;
  • The User Employer is under no obligation to pay remuneration for stand by periods;
  • Ensuring employment stability by periodic use of staff;
  • New methods and techniques on the recruitment side for acquiring staff from the job market;
  • Delegation of responsibilities associated with employing  workers to the Temporary Employment Agency: concluding contracts, benefits, holidays, redundancy pay, attendance lists, calculating wages and insurance contributions for staff, payment of ZUS contributions, income tax, keeping HR records / staff personal files.

When should you use the services of a temporary employment agency?

Seasonal work and the associated increase in orders, mainly in production and services, reduction of permanent posts, i.e. the requirement to externalise personnel costs, a change in the company’s personnel policy in favour of using the services of external personnel, i.e. constructing a part of the workforce on the basis of temporary staff, substitution for permanent staff on sick leave or holidays, special projects, trying candidates out prior to permanent employment, ensuring continuity of work in the event of unexpected staff absence, engaging experts;


The primary element distinguishing this employment method - legal aspects:

the possibility for a flexible adjustment of the contract period and type to the needs of the user employer - fixed-term contracts and contracts for the performance of a defined job from a few hours up to a period of 18 months; short notice periods; no need to enter into permanent employment contracts - for temporary employees there are no regulations limiting the number of fixed-term contracts; minimising losses associated with damage caused by a temporary employee, the employment agency is liable for damages caused by a temporary employee;

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